Sunday, March 15, 2009


Mud and more mud. The leech field is not yet done, nor the driveway. We're waiting, waiting, waiting and having to approach by foot for fear of getting swallowed by the mud blobs.

Winter made a war zone outside. Nature has been tested and looks winter worn. Yet, buds are happening and woodpeckers can be heard doing their job.

Interior kitchen scene. Woodstove from Woodstock Soapstone Stove Co. Real nice.
Working studio beginning to happen.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Blues

Building a house in winter has its downers. We are set back by both exterior and interior problems.The damage from the last ice storm occupied the workers who were supposed to lay in the electricity & phone line, dig the leech field, hook up water and the septic, finish the driveway, clear out the trees taken out in the Fall, and bring in the remaining fill around the house. They were all clearing away tree damage in Kinderhook and abandoned us. The big blue septic tank (see pictures below) was put in place two days ago, but the dump truck delivering gravel could not make it up our icy drive. Phone and electricity will be run from off site until Spring. Everything looks half done and it is a drag! The driveway is too treacherous to reach by anything less than a 4 wheel drive with great snow tires. Walking down to the house is an obstacle course due to mounds of dirt and deep holes covered with dirt. No visitors, please!

The interior has its own particular problems. We closed up the house in November, right before the first snow. The interior wood, which is new and about 40% water, demands that we constantly run two fans and two dehumidifiers. Even with this, every morning we mop up a couple of condensed quarter- sized water droplets which fall from the beams. The wood floors are in, but we'll keep the paper and cardboard down until the droplets quit. I'm feeling lucky, though. A post and beam project in the area, so the drywall guy said, came to a hault in the. Condensation created a tropical rainforest in the whole house, complete with constant rain showers.

Still things have been done. The whole interior has been taped and painted, shelves are in place, the bathroom is finished, a woodstove installer was found (difficult to find!), and the countertop is coming soon and will finish off the kitchen. I'm beginning to sing and record there already, thanks to the wonder of pocket-sized digital recorders.

It will be a wonderful work space and pleasant place to be...once things start moving again. A snow storm is predicted for Tuesday. Yes, another one. I pray it's snow and not ice...

Septic pipe waiting, waiting, waiting for dirt. Meanwhile, watch your step. (Note: end windows are now four-sided instead of triangular. No glass cutter in the area would cut the glass to a point and guarantee it after seeing that the glass would be set against pine. This was our solution.)

First coat of "Lotus Gold" in the studio area.

Bathroom before and after. Still, only for show.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Storm and Beam Coating

Storm clouds bloated with freezing rain arrived 12/11/08, Thursday night, and after an hour of incredible rain, coated the trees with an inch of ice. Electricity went out in our area and resumed Monday, 12/15/08. This was our weekend to finish sanding and coating the beams. Not Mother Nature's plans. Sanding was finished, but with electric out, it was not warm enough to continue with beam polying. It was nice to note that, even in bitter cold temperatures, the bermed walls of the studio provide for mild temperatures inside. Heating this place inexpensively will be a piece o'cake.

Pictures of the ice coating with beam coating before the storm below. Juan Carlos and Nicolas, our handsome sons, as beam painters. Ella as site forewoman.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post#19 We're Moving Along: Sliding Glass Doors, Sub-flooring, Siding, and a Well

View From The Peak
Inside: Sliding Glass Doors

Outside: Sliding Glass Doors

Sub-Flooring Now In


Nice Job On The Corners, Jerry!

Awaiting Staining In The Spring

Septic Tank, A Lego, Or Mushroom?

Pumping a Steady 6+ Gallons

Free Advertising

Friday, October 31, 2008